In May of 1992, two deluded high school graduates from Toronto lived their dream.  They opened the Hairy Tarantula Comics and Cards Ltd. in a closet-sized store in the heart of the downtown core.  Nestled on Walton Street, lounging in the shadow of the giant Delta Chelsea Inn, Steven Greenfield and Noam Rosen sold comic books and trading cards.
   Alas, as mentioned earlier, poor Noam and Steve were deluded.  By 1994 they had had enough, and their dream was replaced with a vision: more pay and less labour by working for the man...any man.*  The Hairy Tarantula was an endangered arachnid.
   Enter Leon Emmett; deranged and dissociative where Noam and Steve were dreamy and deluded.  A deal was struck.  In October on 1994 the Hairy Tarantula was under new management with a new lease on life!  Hours of work followed.  Then days, weeks, and months.  Leon became fatigued.  He was addicted not only to his work, but to a vice so insidious and so unremittingly addictive that it threatened not only his questionable sanity but his very life as well.  Leon was hooked by a drug few have mastered... Leon was playing Magic cards while he should have been selling comics.  Customers took their business elsewhere, tired of fighting for space in a crowded closet full of card-weilding fanatics. Meanwhile the ranks of the glassy-eyed card-playing maniacs swelled. Moving in the store became difficult... something had to be done.
   In April of 1996, the Hairy Tarantula relocated to a spacious new location where we dwell to this day. Concealed from the view of heretics and other unenlightened souls, the shop is now situated on the second floor of 354 Yonge Street - still in the vibrant core of downtown Toronto, and just around the corner from the previous location.  Suddenly there was enough room!  Room for comics, room for card games, room for anime videos, board games, role-playing and card tournaments too!

Come to Toronto's hippest hobby shop.

A mecca for the modern mage,
A home for the hairy,
A sanctuary for the silly,
An area for the awakened aura,
A store for the stalwart,
A place for the placid,
A room for the renegade,
A spot for the spirit,
A temple for the tittilated,
A location for the lucid,
A site for the situated,

* Happily, Noam quickly realized that he was much funnier than the man, not just funnier looking, and has been laughing about it professionally ever since. If you don't believe me then see for yourself at ReamWorks!
I have seen nor heard from Steve...

Many Hairy Tarantula customers are familiar with Squeak, our store cat. Recently we adopted 3 month old Juggernaut into the fold.
We were saddened to discover that "Juggy" had gone missing on the evening of September 30th, and had pretty much resigned ourselves to the
fact that he probably had a new home. Imagine our surprise when a gentleman with the Annex Cat Rescue came a-knocking on Thanksgiving to
tell us that Juggernaut was recuperating at his house a few miles away. A short while later Juggernaut was back home at the store and he is in
good health considering that he had fallen from the roof (3 floors) onto Yonge Street! He was rescued and even received medical attention which
was paid for by the Annex Cat Rescue. Needless to say we will be returning the costs to their coffers as well as the 50.00 reward we offered for
his return. Juggernaut needed surgery and life support for two days because of a cracked palate and infected gouge on his cheeck that swelled
his left eye. Our heartfelt thanks go out Kumar and the people of the Annex Cat Rescue! Thank-you all!


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